AYANEGUI is a brand of men's clothing registered in 2016 by Giuseppe Ayanegui, seeking to direct fashion to an ecological, ergonomic and sustainable procedure.Our garments are made with a creative process aimed at the everyday man, who seeks to have the right attire in the right place and thus develop in a better way. Looking in the same way to suggest through clothing the simplification of mental processes, making all our clothes combine with each other. We intend to destine contemporary man towards a utopian and minimalist current.Beyond the corporeal silhouettes, we are a brand that seeks to capture conscious identity in people through the use and reading of our garments.
Our pieces are hand-crafted with the usual processes in Mexico, including genuine cuts, versatility in an innovative textile, with quality in conjunction with the impeccable structure of the design. We have staff concerned about the quality of our customer, this makes our clothes are even more authentic, something that makes us different from the rest.
The brand is based on the physical laws, order and balance of the natural world, creating each collection with a different concept of esoteric currents, inspired by the various macro and micro universal structures, exposing a genuine lifestyle through the garments that they present themselvesWe are inspired to empower male sexuality in fashion, simplifying the unnecessary parts of garments to extract the genuine being of man.
Inspired by the current world with a vision to the future and the history of the past.
The mission of AYANEGUI is to make conscious / unconscious express the mental state of a person, projecting in a tangible way through the attire. Making the clothing is used as a tool of each person's personality, which makes you get your true self.
We seek to create a kind of neo generation, developing this society with a different perspective that sees through the mirror of a realistic, ecological future, a new point of view, that is interested in an enlightened, simple and sophisticated lifestyle influenced by waves urban and natural.